Moutin brothers
photo Axelle du Rouret.


The Moutin brothers are currently extremely active
with the creation of two brand new projects
the trio
M.O.M (Moutin/Omicil/Moutin) and the show "Apollinaire Corps Accords"
while keeping touring with the Moutin Factory Quintet

    ©photo by Jean-Baptiste Hugo

     ©photo by Jean-Baptiste Millot

     ©photo by Axelle du Rouret

Apollinaire Corps Accords

Moutin / P. Bérodot / A. du Rouret / L. Moutin

Fusion between the music of the Moutin brothers and the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire and bringing together the two twins with the magnificent performers Axelle du Rouret and Philippe Bérodot, Apollinaire Corps Accords was premiered on October 8th and 9th 2021 at the Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar after two weeks of a exhilarating residency of creation.

The show will be repeated in Paris at the Théâtre du Châtelet on December 7th, 2021 and will tour in 2022/2023

Directed by : David Géry
Creation Lumière : Frank Thevenon
Costumes : Caroline de Vivaise
Original design : Axelle du Rouret
Choice and arrangement of texts : Axelle du Rouret

Watch excerpts from the première

Louis MOUTIN / Jowee OMICIL / François MOUTIN

The new trio M.O.M has just released its first album on Sept 24th 2021, on the record label Laborie Jazz

The trio started touring on october 11 2021 with a concert at the New Morning in Paris followed by concerts in jazz festivals of La Rochelle and Limoges.
M.O.M.  will hit the road intensively in 2022 starting in March in Europe and also touring the USA in october and november. Check the schedule page !

The genesis of the trio M.O.M. is an unplanned encounter on the set of the Netflix show “The Eddy”. Between Jowee Omicil and Louis Moutin, the connection is immediate and instinctive.

François Moutin happens to be traveling through Paris around the time of the end of the shooting. He joins Jowee and Louis for a few home sessions during which the trio improvises with a completely frameless approach, driven by the thread of its collective imagination and by its individualities’ mutual listening.
A singular sound emerges, melodies get created on the spot. A whole world blossoms at the point of equilibrium of the three personalities.
The trio’s creativity appears to flow organically, just as fluid as it is jubilant. M.O.M.’s music is altogether joyful, intense, deep and spontaneous.

Moutin Factory Quintet
François Moutin / Louis Moutin
Christophe Monniot / Paul Lay / Manu Codjia

Mythical River, third album by the Moutin Factory Quintet has been recorded in October 2018, as the quintet was just back from a two weeks tour along the Mississippi river.

Following the release of the album in the spring of 2019, the quintet has been on the road starting with a tour in the USA in april 2019 and gigs in France and Europe (Festival Jazz sous les Pommiers, Radio France Studio 104 in Paris, Nancy Jazz Pulsation, London Jazz Festival, and many others).
After a stop due to the covid situation, the quintet was back on the road in summer 2021 with concerts in Paris at the New Morning and summer Festivals (Wolfisheim, Thionville, Segre...). The quintet will play in the prestigious Théâtre Cornouailles in Quimper on December 4th 2021 and also in summer Festivals in july 2022

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